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Links to Useful Brainf*** Resources

The original author

Urban Müller - This is the home page of the creator of the Brainf*** programming language. He obviously is somewhat embaressed by it, due to the fact that he doesn't even mention it on this page. This will give you an idea of what was behind the original language.

"Cannonical" Brainf*** Resources

While there are a number of BF resources, these are some places you ought to explore before you get sucked actually writing real BF programs.

Cat's Eye Technologies Brainf*** Page - Primarily a list of files associated with the BF language, but includes links to many other resources and a good general stopping point to explore the BF language.

Frans Faase's page on Brainf*** - A very good list of tutorials in BF, including some not so simple programs to try.

Brian Raiter's Brainf*** Page - A concise description of BF, as well as some very useful links. This is also the source of the BF to C comparison.

The Esoteric Non-existent Standards Institute" - A standards (or non-standards... you make the call) organization or group that has attempted to standardize BF. Some interesting documents regarding BF.

CCCC Brainf*** Page - A computer club in Germany has some additional information not found in the other sites, and some interesting documentation. There is also a mailing list link for BF support.

BF online - A BF interpreter written entirely in Javascript. This way you favoriate Web Browser can also run Brainf*** programs. It even has a BF to Javascript compiler. A good place to experiment with Brainf*** without having to download anything except a web page.

Links to other Source Forge Projects

Brainscript - Attempts to embed BF into xml as a scripting language. Some documentation at this site.

Apache Brainf*ck Module - An attempt to put BF into Apache. Working source code but not much else.

Brain Relax - A BF "compiler" that translates BF code into other more conventional programming languages.

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Another group of excellent resources: